Vancouver Salmon Fishing Guide

Vancouver salmon fishing guide 2 large salmonThe Pacific waters around Vancouver, BC hold is home to some of the best salmon fishing anywhere in the world. With an experienced Vancouver salmon fishing guide, you can catch these highly prized fish pretty much year-round.

To get to the hot spots and to use the correct fishing tackle, you will definitely need the services of a well experienced Vancouver salmon fishing guide. That’s where Captain Rod and his team of top-notch sport fishing guides makes all the difference in the world.

A Wide Variety of Sport Fishing in Vancouver

Photo of smiling fisherman holding up 2 very nice salmonDepending on the time of year and the current fisheries you can go after the ever-present and hearty Coho, Chinook, Sockeye, and Pink salmon, along with halibut, ling cod, rock fish, and dungeness crabs.

Our guides will set you up with rod, reel, tackle, get you to the current hot-spots, and even process your catch for you. All you have to do is fish! We help you get your catch frozen and shipped to an address of your choice.

What You Need to Fish in Vancouver

To legally fish the Vancouver area waters, you will need a valid tidal waters fishing license and salmon conservation stamp to go with it. We cannot take you fishing without them. As we are not a fishing license vendor, you will need to purchase your full season or temporary permit through the department of fisheries and oceans website. * You will need a valid credit card to purchase a license.

On the day of your guided salmon fishing adventure, be sure to have your valid license with stamp printed out and with you when you show up at the dock for your charter.


What Else Do I Need?

Photo of a smiling man displaying a freshly caught salmonYou will definietly want dress appropriately for the conditions you are fishing in. Remember that it can often be windy and much cooler on the water than it is on land. The exact opposite is true for warm, sunny days. It can be much, much warmer on the water and have an increased risk of sunburn. It is recommended that you dress in layers appropriate to the time of year and the conditions on the day you are fishing. Ask Captain Rod for more details at the time of your booking.

Some rain gear is available upon request, but you will be most comfortable in your own gear.

If you are prone to motion sickness be sure to consult your physician or pharmacist to get a recommendation for suitable sea-sickness aids.

You will need to pack your own lunch and beverages in a small cooler or appropriate container. It is okay to bring your own liquor on board in moderation. Remember that liquor can make sea-sickness much worse.