The phone rang the other day and there was a little voice asking for Captain Rod. The call came in from a very important office. It was Tristan the Elf and he was looking for guidance and help. He explained to Captain Rod that   although Roudolph can guide the sleigh with his bright nose he does not have a GPS as the Elf on the Shelf messed with the settings.

Santa has navigated the skies for hundreds of years with good old charts. The sleigh was upgraded a few years ago with GPS and Santa took time to get used to it.

Tristan the Elf came over to dock D and met with Rod to chart out Santa’s trip. After 4 days of measuring, scaling planning, the charts are ready. We ran them over to the copies shop to get the laminated. You never know what king of weather you will run into around the world. One thing for sure you will find rain and snow.

We will be leaving out some candied salmon and a glass of Apple cider.

It has been a few days now since the charts are done and hoping to hear from Santa. Tristan told Rod that he was on the good list.

Merry Christmas to all.