Captain Rod and France were pleased to welcome the National women’s volleyball team.

These women boarded the boat with a job to do. Everyone had a task. Some decorated, some prepared the food and one brought a play list. It was refreshing to see how well organised these women are.

]The food had vegan option and was presented in a nautical theme. I was informed that this excursion was a surprise baguette party.

We cruised along the highest real estate of North America. As we were  cruising had the chance to see a porpoise.  Our fish finder indicated that there was a important school of fish and this porpoise was in a feeding frenzy. It was quite a sight to see. We made it all the way to Fisherman’s cove where we took  this lovely group photo 

The weather was ideal for this time of year. Barely any wind, the water was clam and the temperature on the water was cool enough for a light knit.  As we approached False creek the sun was setting and left us with a glorious sky.

Hoping to see them again for a swimming party. I wish I could remember their names but I am certain that I will be reminded often when I see them playing in the next Olympics.

Long strong legs that carry the country’s pride. Go team Canada!!