Enjoy Our Paddle Boards

Some of the Best Fun You’ll Have on English Bay!

If you’ve never tried paddle boarding, it’s one of the easiest water sports to learn — and some of the most fun you’ll have in Vancouver! For our special swimming / party charters, Aquatic Ventures keeps a few paddle boards and life jackets on board for our charter guests to enjoy.

The Vancouver, BC area has some of the best paddle board scenery anywhere in the world. This fun, safe, and healthy activity is an excellent way to enjoy a sunny afternoon on the water.

 Party on the Water!

Our excellent swimming, floating, and party cruises can take you to around the famous English bay, or over to stunning Bowen Island at the mouth of Howe Sound where you can enjoy an unforgettable day on the water with your friends & family, coworkers, or special group. Try out our paddle boards or 2-person inflatable ocean kayak to really get up close to the action.

Who knows, maybe you will even see a pod of our playful resident porpoises. Be sure to ask about our extra services when you book your swim or party cruise.

 What is Paddle Boarding?

A paddle board is similar in appearance to a surfboard, but it is 12 feet in length and you use a long oar to paddle yourself.

 5 Things to Remember when Paddle Boarding

  1. Sunscreen — Since you’re exposed to more of the sun’s rays on water, sunscreen is essential!
  2. Footwear — Be sure to remember some footwear. Depending on the route, you may be crossing a hot parking lot or some rocks on your way to the beach.
  3. Get wet — Get wet before you paddle board; it can be a shock to your system if you get worked up and then hit the water.
  4. Stay hydrated — Be sure to stay hydrated. Remember: alcohol can dehydrate you and is definitely not recommended when engaging in any type of water sport.
  5. Clothes — Bring a change of clothes. You will get wet and Vancouver weather can change quickly, so pack for several seasons.

Bring some friends, rent some boards, and have a blast — call Aquatic Ventures today! 778-882-FISH (3474)