Think about this everyone. This is the last summer of this decade. We have come this far with so many new ways to celebrate life and all its splendor.

This mark’s 50 years of anything related to 1969. What a fantastic year and who would have thought 50 years ago we would be throwing gender reveal parties? Chartering your own yacht for this occasion or any other special occasion will remain dear and near to your heart. Everyone will remember that event you had on a yacht.


Allow stunning Vancouver BC, Canada to be the backdrop of your pics and videoes while on a luxurious yacht.

This year The Angler’s Dream has acquired a new inflatable “lounge” that up to 6 adults can enjoy while watching their shipmates play with the paddle boards and kayak. Great for staff parties, bachelorette, family gatherings or just to unwind.

As a tradition, I am sad to say that we lost one of our most loyal and client and friend; Mister Frank Carey. Mr. Carey would bring along his friend, family and staff for an evening of fireworks. We hold you in our hearts Frank and consider ourselves honored knowing you.

From the celebration of life to fishing parties, we can provide a lovely and luxurious yacht for any occasion. Visit us at