So Captain Rod and First Mate France are getting the fleet prepared  for a long wet winter. Our last fishing trip of the season was not only a family bonding experience but also part of filming a reality show. We will reveal what the show is and where you can see it in February. Hint it is on the Hallmark channel.

They could not have picked a better day. It was sunny, warm and almost no wind so the water was quite calm and we actually got a few hits. Sadly the one that got away was about 20Lb.

The crew was very professional and had very strong seal legs. I am always impressed to see camera crew keeping their lunch down as camera work on a boat is quite challenging. It is easy to be disorientated looking through the small monitors  as the boat rocks on and what you see on the monitors is completely o posit. I am getting woozy just thinking about it.


Thank you all for a great end to a good season. Next year is going to ROCK!!!


Pics to come in February.

Cheers to all Captain Rod and France