Sonia’s Swimming Party

Sonia! A great bunch of friends you have there! It was very nice taking you and your group. You guys looked to be having lots [...]

Sonia’s Swimming Party2020-08-06T11:31:11-07:00

Memorial at Sea

Ratesh and family sent off their beloved mom to sea for her final voyage.

Memorial at Sea2020-07-16T11:48:21-07:00

Lucia’s Birthday Bash

Lucia and friends enjoyed a great evening on the yacht! We did our five hour tour, where we visited the millionaires estates, Fisherman's Cove and [...]

Lucia’s Birthday Bash2020-07-14T10:29:25-07:00

If you like yachts..well you’ll love these supercars

Big display of Lamborghini's on Sunday at the Granville Island Boatyard. My personal favourite was the orange/copper! Over 4 million worth of cars and SUV's!

If you like yachts..well you’ll love these supercars2020-07-14T10:16:54-07:00

Armir’s Swimming Party!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnx_3txRkto Always great to have Amirs's friend onboard! They always seem to have a great time dancing, swimming, paddle-boarding and kayaking. A great drone [...]

Armir’s Swimming Party!2020-07-28T10:23:56-07:00