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Celebratory sunset cruise

So the NHL draft was in Vancouver last weekend and we had the privilege of hosting some attendees. We can not divulge who bit we [...]

Celebratory sunset cruise2019-07-03T15:28:27-07:00

boat show

The year start's well with a boat show , January 17th to the 21 st.  Vancouver is a great place to hold a boat show [...]

boat show2018-01-13T12:41:32-08:00

Thawing out.

This year we decided to visit our families in New Brunswick. Looking forward to home cooking from Maman's kitchen sharing a drink with friends. Our [...]

Thawing out.2018-01-10T12:04:07-08:00

Santa’s helper.

The phone rang the other day and there was a little voice asking for Captain Rod. The call came in from a very important office. [...]

Santa’s helper.2017-12-14T12:03:40-08:00

30 something swimming party.

Cruised on over to Gowen's come with a fun bunch of young professionals. It was a wonderful day on the water with the paddle boards [...]

30 something swimming party.2017-08-27T13:39:54-07:00

Solar Eclipse on the Desert Mariner II.

IT was a weird time on the water under the solar eclipse. The yacht we were out on was the Desert Mariner with this lovely [...]

Solar Eclipse on the Desert Mariner II.2017-08-24T11:47:15-07:00


Taking a group our for fishing. Famely fun for everyone. Caught 30 dogfish .


Pixies and fireworks

It was Japan't night to light up the Vancouver skies and our charter came well prepared. We anchored down in the bay along with hundreds [...]

Pixies and fireworks2017-08-01T13:14:47-07:00