Fishing Charter

Larges one of the year!!!

What to expect when you put your line down? FISH! Stephan and his famely came all the way from Beljum for a yacht cruise and [...]

Larges one of the year!!!2019-07-03T15:29:14-07:00

Solar Eclipse on the Desert Mariner II.

IT was a weird time on the water under the solar eclipse. The yacht we were out on was the Desert Mariner with this lovely [...]

Solar Eclipse on the Desert Mariner II.2017-08-24T11:47:15-07:00

Julien’s famely fishing in Vancouver

They came from Montreal, they came from China and they came from Texas. The siblings all met up in Vancouver with their significant others to [...]

Julien’s famely fishing in Vancouver2017-06-26T12:46:00-07:00

Fifth annual fishing trip

Once again we had the privilege of having this corporate group with us on The Angler's Dream. After having lunch at Bowen Island, we started [...]

Fifth annual fishing trip2017-06-26T10:17:25-07:00

Fishing famely from Florida

Aaron and Peter brought their 5 kids along a this fishing trip. All 5 children climbed on board The Angler's Dream with matching red monogrammed [...]

Fishing famely from Florida2017-06-26T10:17:50-07:00

Florida family fishing fun.

What a beautiful sunny Sunday we had on the water with this lovely family from Orlando.   What a day! Latisha and Aaron [...]

Florida family fishing fun.2017-05-31T11:51:30-07:00


Sport fishing day to kick off a great weekend. The group 7 men gathered on the docs to climb on board of the Angler's Dream [...]

BACHELOR FISHING PARTY2017-05-15T13:21:03-07:00

UBC crab party

Wen and his group came out for a day of crabbing and cruising it was lots of fun good group lots of laughed

UBC crab party2017-06-26T12:47:16-07:00