boat show

The year start’s well with a boat show , January 17th to the 21 st.  Vancouver is a great place to hold a boat show in January as you can still sail about.  Out passes include free water shuttle. This is my first year attending so as a First Mate I am looking forward to Read More

Thawing out.

This year we decided to visit our families in New Brunswick. Looking forward to home cooking from Maman’s kitchen sharing a drink with friends. Our bags were packed with warm clothing and our hearts were filled with love and anticipation so see our loved ones.  The day of our departure it was raining and +8 Read More

Santa’s helper.

The phone rang the other day and there was a little voice asking for Captain Rod. The call came in from a very important office. It was Tristan the Elf and he was looking for guidance and help. He explained to Captain Rod that   although Roudolph can guide the sleigh with his bright nose he Read More

Closing off the season with some star power.

So Captain Rod and First Mate France are getting the fleet prepared  for a long wet winter. Our last fishing trip of the season was not only a family bonding experience but also part of filming a reality show. We will reveal what the show is and where you can see it in February. Hint Read More

Finishing off October with a Chinook

30 something swimming party.

Cruised on over to Gowen’s come with a fun bunch of young professionals. It was a wonderful day on the water with the paddle boards and kayak on the go all day. James and I were betting on who was going to be the first on to jump in , who would be the first Read More

Solar Eclipse on the Desert Mariner II.

IT was a weird time on the water under the solar eclipse. The yacht we were out on was the Desert Mariner with this lovely family fishing trip. Grandpa was from China and it was his first time in Canada. The fishing was good today and even caught some rock crabs. We landed 37 Dogfish.

Salmon fishing in Vancouver. A yacht full of bachelors

Lots of bites  today but a few large Coho got away. This 12 Lb Chinook  will be grilled up for the rest of the gang at a local restaurant ; one of Captain Rod’s favorite. Fishing today  in Vancouver was awesome. Great way to remember this bachelor party. First Mate France was surprised to learn Read More


Taking a group our for fishing. Famely fun for everyone. Caught 30 dogfish .

Great day for a swimming party

A bit of cooling down in this heat and smoke. Gowin’s Cove  

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