30 something swimming party.

Cruised on over to Gowen’s come with a fun bunch of young professionals. It was a wonderful day on the water with the paddle boards and kayak on the go all day. James and I were betting on who was going to be the first on to jump in , who would be the first Read More

Solar Eclipse on the Desert Mariner II.

IT was a weird time on the water under the solar eclipse. The yacht we were out on was the Desert Mariner with this lovely family fishing trip. Grandpa was from China and it was his first time in Canada. The fishing was good today and even caught some rock crabs. We landed 37 Dogfish.

Salmon fishing in Vancouver. A yacht full of bachelors

Lots of bites  today but a few large Coho got away. This 12 Lb Chinook  will be grilled up for the rest of the gang at a local restaurant ; one of Captain Rod’s favorite. Fishing today  in Vancouver was awesome. Great way to remember this bachelor party. First Mate France was surprised to learn Read More


Taking a group our for fishing. Famely fun for everyone. Caught 30 dogfish .

Great day for a swimming party

A bit of cooling down in this heat and smoke. Gowin’s Cove  

Pixies and fireworks

It was Japan’t night to light up the Vancouver skies and our charter came well prepared. We anchored down in the bay along with hundreds of other vessels to enjoy fire in the sky. We had a light show of our own with a lit up hula hoop and pixy whip. Looking forward to the Read More

Corporate BB-Q

Took this corporate group over to Bowen Island for a BB-Q. This groups books with us every year. The weather was a bit dreary but there was definite team building on this trip. Our guest came from Paris, New York, Montreal and Vancouver. See you next year all.

Nurces just want to have their day in the sun.

We took 15 women out and 1 fella for a batchlorette. They played games, paddle boarded, swam and kayaked. So much fun and so much food. what ta blast!! This swimming party/yacht charter was fun from start to end.

Smoke on the water.

Chimed in Canada Day with style. Took this group out to see the spectacular fireworks. What a blast…

Captain Rod’s Crab Quiche

Captain Rod’s Crab Quiche 2X 10” pie crust 5 eggs 1/4 cup of cream or half and half 4 mushrooms 2 chalottes 1 cup of cheese. Half Gruyere Half Balderson Grated 2 cups of crab 1/4 cup of mayonnaise (such as Hellmann’s) 2 Tbsp. butter Salt and pepper *************************************** Preheat over at 350 F Percook Read More

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