Sport fishing day to kick off a great weekend. The group 7 men gathered on the docs to climb on board of the Angler’s Dream Californian fishing yacht.The bride’s brother organised this fun party for his “new Brother”.  Jason and France had all the fishing gear ready and we set off to the day’s adventure. The first crab trap was dropped at 8:15 am and we cruised on through the Georgian straight.

The down-rigger on the starboard snapped and we caught one of the prettiest salmon the west coast offers, a lovely Chinook salmon that gave us a good fight.   This young Chinook salmon was to young and 2 ” to short so we had to toss him back. It was a grey and wet day but everyone was sporting a large smile.  Now they can all talk about the one who got away.  It was a full day of sport fishing and good fun.


The one that got away